Knowledge about home decoration wires

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Wire laying generally refers to the process of laying and installing wires along the measured route to form a power system. Reasonable wiring mode is of great significance to ensure transmission quality, reliability, construction and maintenance of lines. However, the laying position of wires during decoration is not only the ceiling or the ground, but the specific method depends on the actual situation of the required electrical connection. Now let's introduce some knowledge about wire laying from Asia Cable.

1. Wiring of household socket

This method mainly uses computers, networks, common five hole sockets and other electrical equipment. When installing wiring at home, it is necessary to ensure that the wires are complete and undamaged to avoid potential safety hazards. The method of laying from the ground can effectively save the waste of materials, ensure the concealment and integrity of the socket circuit to the greatest extent, and reduce the occurrence of danger.

2. Wiring of lighting system and central air conditioner

The wiring of household lamps, central air conditioners and other electrical appliances shall be installed on the ceiling, and the trunking shall be opened according to the measured lines. After the wires are laid, the wires shall be threaded to supply power for the household power system. This method can save a lot of materials, facilitate the separate layout of lines, and effectively improve the safety of lines. Therefore, when installing the lighting system and central air conditioner, the ceiling wiring is the most reasonable.

3. Toilet

It is not recommended to go underground for toilet wiring. As the toilet is always wet, the probability of water seepage and leakage is higher than that of other locations. If the wires gradually age with the increase of service life, the risk of electric shock and electric leakage will increase. Therefore, when laying wires, in order to avoid damage to the wires, it is a better choice to set up a concealed slot on the wall or ceiling for laying. When laying, PVC pipes are used to wrap the lines to play a protective role and prevent corrosion and wear.

4. Seven principles for laying

1. In order to avoid interference to TV and telephone, strong and weak wires shall not be in the same pipe during wiring, and the distance shall be at least 30 cm;

2. Long distance line pipes shall be whole pipes as far as possible. If it is unavoidable to connect, joints must be used, and the joints and pipes shall be glued directly;

3. If the cable pipe is on the ground, it shall be protected immediately to prevent crushing, damaging the line and affecting the later maintenance;

4. When the wiring length is more than 15m or more than 3 bends, a junction box should be installed in the middle to avoid that the pipe is too long or many bent wires cannot pass through the pipe when disassembling wires;

5. In general, the air conditioner socket shall be installed more than 2m above the ground, and the socket shall be installed 30cm above the ground;

6. The connection between wires shall be connected in parallel. The pressing wiring method shall be adopted, which must be firm and firm. After connection, it shall be wrapped with insulating tape;

7. The circuits for different purposes in the family, such as lighting, sockets, air conditioners, water heaters, etc., should be wired in groups, so that the normal use of other electrical appliances will not be affected when the power is cut off for maintenance.

In the process of laying lines in home decoration, the wire itself plays a key role in the safety of home. Fire accidents caused by wire quality problems occur every year. Therefore, when purchasing wires and cables, we must recognize the formal manufacturers, check the quality, and do not buy some unqualified wires because the price is cheap. Asia Electric Cable Technology Co., Ltd. is a large wire and cable enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. Its products sell well all over the country, with quality assurance and service first, and are highly praised by consumers.