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There's no rival for great customer service
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When the handle on my seven-year-old crock pot broke recently, I assumed I could call the manufacturer to obtain a replacement part. However, the response turned out to be above and beyond the call of duty.

I've called the customer service departments of other companies over the years to replace various parts that have died through age, fatigue or some mishap or other. When the power cord/thermostat control on my favorite Farberware Pot Pourii from the 1970s finally quit last year, I called customer service only to learn that the company no longer made the 6-quart deep fryer/crock pot combo and no longer carried the parts for it. I was bummed. A lot of pot roasts and green chile stews had been brought to life in that container.

In 2004, I received a 5.5-quart, oval-shaped Rival Crock Pot as a Christmas gift. Its white metallic shell containing the heating element and a glass see-through cover encased a white, removable stoneware container where the food was cooked. It also served me well over the decade, standing in for the Pot Pourii when the latter was occupied with other chores. But when the plastic handle on the Rival glass top came apart recently, I rigged up a temporary handle until I could find or purchase a new one. The unit itself still slow-cooked like a champ.




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