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Many ways to trigger check-engine light
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My 2004 Mazda 3 engine light comes on every 8,000 km. It will stay on for about 1,500 km, then turn off. They appear to have the computer controlling other functions as well (one time the computer would not let me use the windshield wipers over 30 km/h for two weeks). I have also noticed some other things happening. So the question is: How do I turn the engine light out myself?

Your Mazda is equipped with several computers, but the one responsible for the "service engine" light is unlikely to be responsible for the wiper failure. The engine control module or PCM (powertrain control module) is the unit that is lighting up your dash icon. There are a wide variety of electronic tools on the market that allow do-it-yourselfers to read, translate and erase engine and emission system trouble codes to extinguish the warning light. But beware, these warnings can come on for a least 100 different reasons, and some may cause severe engine or emission system parts damage if left uncorrected.

Get a diagnostic technician familiar with Mazdas to scan, identify, and correct the glitch once and for all. Keep in mind, you won't be able to pass an emissions test for licence plate renewal when that comes around. From the intermittent nature of the wipers, I'd suspect there may be a harness ground fault that is prohibiting a complete flow of electricity. I've had a long-running question about daytime running trouble light: It seems that most vehicles have their DRLs configured through the regular low-beam circuits. However, there are many vehicles that seem to use the high-beam circuits but, I'm assuming, at a reduced voltage. On many occasions, I've been blinded during the dusky time of day by people driving with their DRLs only. This seems wrong to me, as far too many people drive with DRLs well beyond the appropriate times, and even during the daytime I find these lights too bright. Would it be possible to inform readers that DRLs are not a substitute for lights at night?

Good points. Every driver should remember that daytime running lights are there only to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers and they are not a substitute for full lights when needed. Even though the rules don't require headlight and tail light use until a half-hour before sunset, keeping them on in cloudy weather or just in busy traffic is a good way to reduce the risk of a collision by making your vehicle more visible from all directions. I would like to know if mounted tires would be damaged if they are stored outside during their offseason. I have three cars each with two sets of tires -winter and summer. Currently I store them in my garage but I no longer have enough space in the garage as I need to make more room for more recycling and garbage containers. I was thinking of storing the mounted off-season tires on 4x4 posts lying on the ground to keep them up from the ground and then cover them with a tarp to keep the rain and snow off. Would covering them with a tarp with them sitting in the heat of summer or cold of winter cause any damage like rust or corrosion, etc.? I plan to stack them four high on their sides.

Storing the tires the way you've suggested shouldn't pose any problems. If the rims are steel, I would suggest coating them with a protective wax or spray oil. Keep in mind petroleum products and rubber doesn't mix, so don't get any oilbased product on the tires.

You can spray the tires with a name brand tire dressing-treatment or plain old silicone lubricating compound. This will reduce the effect that a dry atmosphere can have on rubber.


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