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Projects on or ahead of schedule
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Work continues to move forward on the Brazil Water System Improvements Project.

After meeting with contractors for a monthly status report, Hannum, Wagle and Cline Project Engineer Matthew Pierce and Professional Engineer Brian Pohlar spoke to The Brazil Times about where things currently stand.

"Everything is either on par or slightly ahead of schedule," Pierce said, adding the most visible progress can be seen at Craig Park. "The 750,000-gallon composite tower at the park is now about 120-130-feet tall, according to the representative from Caldwell Tanks."

He added the Louisville, Ky.-based company is nearing completion of the pedestal, with only pouring of the dome left to go.

"They said the steel crew should be here around the second week of May to start constructing the tank," Pierce said. "The tank will be constructed on the ground, and according to the updated schedule they provided the city, it should be ready to be hydraulically jacked to the top of the pedestal in mid-late July."

While progress is not as visible along Frontage Road, where the 250,000-gallon spheroid-style tower is being constructed, Pohlar said they are still on schedule to complete about the same time as the one at Craig Park, which should be late October to mid-November.

"Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors (Avon, Ind.) told us the erection crew should be here around April 27 to begin the pedestal and that some of the steel has already arrived," he told The Brazil Times. "All of the steel is primed and ready to go, and it should take about 6-8 weeks to complete the pedestal, but that all depends on how wet it stays out there on the site."

Brazil Assistant Supervisor of Water Distribution Stoney Lalen told The Brazil Times approximately 400 new meters have been installed overall, and 68 hydrants have been put in place.

"Of those, 26 were replacements of old hydrants, while the other 42 are in new areas on the distribution lines," he said. "When it comes to repairing land from the installation of new lines, some of the work has been done, but the recent rains have slowed up us a little bit."

However, additional installation of hydrants is on hold.

"During the replacement of current hydrants, it was found that many of them did not have the necessary valves, which has added to the cost," Pierce said. "It is bringing us closer to the amount that was bid, so we are temporarily holding off on putting in more hydrants, all of which have been purchased, to ensure where we stand cost-wise after all the payment orders are settled on that division."

Pohlar also addressed recent concerns he has received about how the transition to a new tower would affect older water lines in the city.

"It's not like the pressure is going to jump up from 50 psi to 200 psi, with pipes bursting out of the streets like some have suggested," he said. "The pressure is going to be kept as constant as possible with the normal pressure increases during times of heavy usage. Obviously, there is the possibility of minor issues popping up with the major water source being moved from one end of town to the other, but it really should not be a major issue."

At the well field in Putnam County, which feeds the water into Brazil, a new entrance has been poured and power is running at the new well.

"The conduit is in place, but not all of the booster cable has been pulled through yet," Pierce said. "The platform for the generator and the pad for the radio communications tower are still being assembled also."

Components for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system are anticipated to be delivered to the well field in the next couple weeks, and testing is currently underway for the new booster station, which will be placed along State Road 59, near County Road 750 North.

"Once testing of the SCADA components for the booster station is complete, they should be ready to start mobilizing in the next couple weeks and it may be ready to be delivered and placed the week of May 23," Pierce said. "The contractors told us the booster station is 90-95 percent complete and they are just waiting on the arrival of some valves, which had to be back ordered. Overall, we are in good shape on the progress of all the project divisions."



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